Violence again? No surprise? I refuse to accept this as the new norm. Paradise is what we call our home. But how can we continue this way? This is not sustainable. Just pray? No. Take action today!

How many people fly to the Virgin Islands for Carnival? As you think of those numbers, ask yourself how many of those who travel for Carnival actually take part in mentoring programs? How many people in the VI community actually take part in realistic solutions?

Complaining is easy. We can blame the government. We can blame the economy. We can cast blame but that does not provide solutions.

We should implement many prevention programs. Security cameras? Yes. Afterschool programs? Yes. Community building programs? Yes.

With collective courage, we can turn the status quo around. With collective courage, we can rebuild our community.

Let us invest in our youth. Money is nice but time is much more valuable. Mentor a child today and save a life tomorrow.