As we move forward in our fight for social justice, let us not forget our most powerful tool, UNITY! Many are feeling the pain of the injustices experienced because of the greed and corruption in our Virgin Islands. If we stand together, we can accomplish our end goal.

Many initiatives are being created for a brighter future but we must communicate. The establishment is in place with a set of habits eroding our shores, land and culture. We the people can change this.

Who do we want in office? Who do we want out? What do we want to change about the status quo? How will we educate the masses? What is OUR message? How do we want to educate our youth?

We are the ones suffering. We are the ones that will ultimately lose the battle for our home if we don’t come together.

They are counting on us to be divided. To further divide us, we have the very corrupt willing to throw money at our ‘cause’ to distract us from the fight ahead.

Unity will ensure we can tell who our friends are from those who are willing to derail the momentum so many have fought hard to build.

Are we willing to take our cause all the way to the Supreme Court? A successful case can set a precedent to stop the injustices. As US citizens it is our right to seek all forms of justice!

Let us look at other movements to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their collective efforts. Why? If we combine all the planning, protests, marches and social media pages by different groups, we clearly see a rise of a USVI Movement.

Our combined success will be based on our effectiveness to unite for the common goal of positive change.

This year we must come together. We have been divided over the years and that has allowed others to exploit us. Let us embrace those who are for positive constructive change in the USVI and not be distracted by minor differences. We have no time for pettiness due to the large amount of work needed to rebuild our home.