We know the problems. What will it take to get the people of the VI to take action?

They don’t fear us. They say we are full of talk. Is that true? The violence was not enough. The misuse of money was not enough. The mis-education of our youth was not enough. These jokers represent us now. They got the majority vote. They impressed us with slippery tongues and greasy fish fries. Many of us refused to take part in the political process and now suffer the consequences. What will it take?

The social media sites are burning with commentary but will that turn into action? They have destroyed the lives of many who have fought in the past. Now many more will suffer. Is 2012 the year for revolution?

Will those away fly home to stand with family and friends at ground zero? Many come home for carnival. Will people make the state of the VI a priority? Is this important enough? Are government officials the only ones using the USVI for personal pleasure at a time when she needs healing?

Will church folks and street folks stand together? What would Jesus do? What would Muhammad do? What would Buddha do? What would Queen Mary, Queen Coziah and Queen Breffu do? What would our ancestors do?

So many groups of people on these small islands bickering at each other instead of standing together. We have a common enemy. The problem is we allowed the fish fry elections to take place. We voted these people in. Is it time for a recall? Yes! Will we do it?

Will we shut down the store fronts with illegal activity going out the back? Crooks in the government and crooks in the streets. Will we finally protect our port from the massive amount of drugs passing through? It is all related. Too many people have lost their lives as a result of us not being a community. Imagine, we have some officials that run their office like a street corner…

What will it take? Are the senators/governor willing to give up their salaries to save the USVI economy? No! Where are the tax refunds for the USVI people?

WAPA will continue until we make them take us seriously.

What does ‘VI to de bone’ mean to you? Are you ready to stand for your home?
Exploitation of the Virgin Islands continues as she suffers screaming for our help. When will we wake up and stand for her safety?

What will it take?