Since the beginning of time, music has motivated us to take action. The first breath, a musical phenomenon, led the body to rise. Before we could talk, we expressed ourselves with music. The music allowed villages to communicate with the sounds of the drums. Music is life.

As time modulated, people taken from their homeland created music that relieved pain. This music, embedded with code, led them to freedom. Music is revolution.

Songs laced with weapons of mass education inspired people all over the world. These songs synchronized people in cadence for the truth to be received in melody, harmony and infectious rhythms. No great revolution existed without music. Music is community.

Conscious artists putting humanity before the insanity of a capitalistic society called people to their feet with messages of social justice, love and accountability. Music is love.

Today, many take for granted the power of music. You have “artists” releasing poison from their lips with melodies only meant for self indulging prophecies. The ancestors provide us with the tools we need to stand up and create positive change. The path laced with melodies inspiring the masses to be their best self.
Stand for community, life, love, revolution and the betterment of humanity. Why? Music is you…