Friends, it seems like many people are on the fence. Some say wait until the next election. Some say things will work themselves out. Some don’t have anything to say.

Across the globe as people take action, not everyone is taking part in each rebellion. Not everyone is willing or able to fight for social justice. Some folks are burnt out from previous battles. They are passing the torch to you. Will you take hold of the legacy of our ancestors and uphold what they stood for? Throughout time, it only took 15% of the population to create positive change. Each time the rest of the population benefited from the few who chose to stand up. In our Virgin Islands, we need at least 200 people divided up on all three islands. Will you be one of them? If you are unsure, it is time to get off the fence.

Why should you take an active role in a better future? We the people don’t realize that there are unseen hands manipulating our conditions in the Virgin Islands. Haven’t you asked yourself who is influencing the policy making of (some) our legislators?

Our Virgin Islands have been taken away from the people. Do you agree? What happened to affordable housing? What about affordable food? What about affordable utilities? Should the local population suffer while the wealthy prosper?

Are we sheep? Why does it feel like we are being taken advantage of by wolves? Some are in sheep’s clothing smiling in our faces while simultaneously taking bites out of us daily. Can we sustain this unbalanced division of power? When will we say enough is enough?

The day is upon us to foster a future that will benefit our children’s children. With love, determination and consistency we will achieve our goals.

It is time! It is time for all organizations who are working diligently for a better Virgin Islands to rise together. It is time for the people of the Virgin Islands to rise because they are tired of being taken advantage of. It is time…

Are you ready to take action? If so, stand up and fight back. Exercise your right!