What would Queen Mary or Bodhoe do if they were alive today? How would Cyril E. King advise us to move forward?

For too long the power system has counted on us not to act…Now is the time to take a stand.

During Hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn, the VI community came together. We have another disaster on our hands. The local economy.

Jobs are a problem in the VI. 8% cut? Why are jobs an issue with so much money passing through these small islands? If we occupy VI as a community we can demand job creation programs and transparency.

There are organizations with huge funding sources but salaries of government employees are being diminished to balance the budget. If we occupy the VI we can demand investment into local people and local business. Too much money is being spent on outside promotion which doesn’t really assist the jobless or the many at risk of losing their jobs.

Unemployment is a major concern in the VI. Many college graduates do not have job options after graduation and leave the Virgin Islands seeking opportunities on the mainland (US).

VI residents are suffering while a few are flourishing. Some leaders are selling off the islands piece by piece taking contributions under the table from contributors who could care less about you.

Violence has been on the rise. The powers that be refuse to truly invest in the youth. I guess they want more people to vote for the best fish fry. If we occupy the VI we can demand more programs that will ensure the VI youth have a future.

The VI environment is in danger. Polluted ground and surface water is a result of poor eco-management. This act affects the shorelines and beauty of the islands. If laws are not enforced, the crystal clear blue waters in the Virgin Islands will become a thing of the past. If the USVI loses its natural beauty due to pollution, the local economy will ultimately suffer. If the Virgin Islands continue on their current path, the islands will not be able to sustain its growing population. If we occupy the VI we can bring awareness to the current state of our home. We can demand leaders enforce laws that protect our pristine shores.

The time is right for us to act. Think of the people who boycotted a bus service that later became the Civil Rights Movement. Movements start small and swell. We can force the powers that be to respect the local dollar. Elected officials are representatives of the people. They work for us. Let us demand that they do their job.

Moving forward it will take all of us coming together. Every person, initiative and organization seeking real change must work together to ensure a better future.

More jobs for VI residents. Better education for our youth. A safe community for you and me. Real people live in the Virgin Islands. It is not a paradise for rich people. The local dollar is powerful. Rise for a better tomorrow.

Let us occupy the VI streets, buildings, docks and any where in the VI that injustice of the people festers. Not just for a day but for as long as it takes. We have the stamina, the determination and the love we need to succeed.