What if the message lived on in the people?

Throughout time there has been a rise and fall in the consciousness of the people. The powerful stories of our past should never become unfamiliar. There are lessons to be learned and mistakes that should not be repeated. Unfortunately there are perpetrators who continue to find ways to destroy community in the name of profit.

Will we stand aside and allow these false leaders to deplete our will to believe? Sometimes our profits are taken from us and the fight is forgotten. How can we keep our movement alive? How can we keep moving forward toward a better tomorrow?

Tell the story of our ancestors. Tell the story to our children and have them pass it on to their children. We can’t wait until a martyr is created in our community then rise up only for a brief moment before we return to our regular routine. The freedom song is in each of us. None of us wants to be physical or mental slaves chained to false ideals.

Too many people have died for the benefit of the masses. Over & over again these martyrs lose their lives for the same cause, social justice. Lest we forget…

Today we see many rising for justice but there are still more who question the fight. What would you do if you knew your future or your child’s was in great danger? Would you fight for your rights or be docile?

The tides are changing and ripples of frustration are growing into waves. Cells of people all over the world are crying, screaming, yelling for their rights. Will you? The message will survive if clusters of people maintain multiple networks of freedom fighters preaching the message of one love. Social justice for all!

Peace and love, the great human desire, will expire without justice. We need more people willing to stand up and be heard. We need more people to uphold the benefits from our ancestors.

Our ancestors fought for us to be freedom’s children yet many of us take it for granted. Let us build on their legacy. Let us realize the dream they had for humanity. Let us embark on the journey that will ensure commUNITY!