As I grow, I enjoy learning more. The story of our existence fascinates me. What will be next?

I’m a dreamer. I hope for the moment when we realize deep in our heart that race is a social construct and begin loving each other as neighbors on this small planet. Some have given up on the human existence awaiting a place that is perfection. Though I understand that concept which kept slaves complacent, I propose a different idea. Why not take care of our home until we transition?

I’m a dreamer. I hope for the moment when greed is cured as an infectious disease plaguing our planet consuming the souls of so many good people, leaving others in the dirt to stifle in despair. We are conditioned to think that we should look down on the less fortunate until we find ourselves in that same position. Our egos preventing us from seeing the reflection of another being within. Rich nations exploiting poor nations just as rich people make money off the majority of poor. Maybe the day will come when the wealth is more balanced among the people of Mother Earth.

I’m a dreamer. I hope for the day when people will deem it important to raise their offspring. The very survival of our kind depends on procreation but many are profiting, exploiting, disrespecting and abusing the very process that brought us here. Let us not remove the magic from the journey to life.

Why do we think the way we do? Why do we love the way we do? Why do we act the way we do? Some part of who we are comes from genetics and other parts are socialized into believing what is right and wrong. Are our social systems flawed? Will we admit our flaws?

I’m a dreamer. We all play a role in the future of our planet. There are pollutants in our water, our air, our food and our minds. Convenience is killing us but yet we still take the steps collectively to carry out the task of polluting. We are killing each other physically, socially and mentally. I hope that more begin to speak our peace.

I’m a dreamer. I hope for an education system that teaches people how to think. Instead of students striving for high grades from information soon forgotten, they learn and understand the topic at hand. If the majority are educated with life arts and book smarts they will have representatives that actually do their job. A representative democracy won’t be a joke based on money.

I’m a dreamer. I believe in the power of the masses. Great movements creating change. We can change all industry if we start with the belief that we can.

Open your heart, your mind and your entire existence to the possiblity of a future built on commUNITY…