What is the VI Movement for Change? It is a philosophy based in self love and self respect inspiring the youth and young at heart to shine.

In our community there are many people fighting diligently for “generation now” but there are still not enough. The concept of the movement is to inspire more people to get involved.

How can you be an activist for the Virgin Islands? Well, take constructive action to change issues in our community. We need more people working for positive social, political, economic and environmental change.

The online site is a place where folks can post news, messages, video and pictures uplifting our community. There are too many people speaking negatively about our youth. Human beings need positive encouragement.

How can you be a part of the movement? If you believe in positive change then you are already a part of the initiative. More specifically, we need more mentors. We need more people planting seeds of love in the minds and hearts of our youth. We need these people to be consistent. Mentor a child today and save a life tomorrow.

There are flyers for the movement. You can pass them out to the youth. You can be ready to march. You can write letters when we have a letter writing campaign. You can sign petitions. Add to the list of what you can do, you can…, you can…, you can…, and (you can share with us when you have done something that made a difference in the life of a child or a group of children. The more people see it being done, the more they will be able to see how easy it is to do it.) Real examples/Good News… Breeds good news and more real examples.

We need more people sharing good news and positive efforts. Many people still think it’s not being done. We have to make positive change irresistible.

All we want is for people to invest in our community. Money? Not necessarily but more importantly, time!

If an individual realizes their true potential the opportunities are limitless.

We also want to draw a closer connection between those on the ground in the VI and the huge VI diaspora that exists all over the world. There are people waiting and willing to help an eager mind in a variety of professions. ‘Each one, reach one and teach one’ concept.