Freedom’s Children

You were born
First in our hearts
Then our minds began their composition
Soulful songs of Love
Peaceful pulses of Creativity
Arising an Awareness, never before set free

Born out from the hills of our histories
And of the valleys of virtue
You flow into our oceans
Nourishing thirsty plains with peace
And filling wells with wisdom
Your own personal journey to freedom

Our Ancestors paid a great price for you to be here today
Right now, when you are most needed
To remind us
That, “We are all… Freedom’s Children”

Beautiful is he/she, who survives the struggle… God-like,
A Majestik Freedom,
like an overwhelmingly strong, yet distant diplomat calling us to prayer…
My children,
Our children,
Freedom’s Children

Let us raise them up to rise above the shackles of tainted traditions,
with humble hearts and stifled egos,
so that they will sing and play for us,
beautiful music,
building and inspiring our community with
each note nurtured,
every word written,
every syllable spoken…

Dreaming big and loving hard with sincerity and a passion unfathomable

Allow them into your homes of cultural heritage,
so that they may innerstand Sankofa,
teaching us the true art of activism, community love and upliftment.

Freedom’s Children;
Liberate us with your Love

To be cont…
©DaraMonifah March 2011