…those who do the right thing when no one else is looking.

In a society seeking idols we must realize we don’t have to look too far.

To the parents and guardians who provide daily love, safety, respect and understanding while raising your children, we appreciate you. Yes there is no special write-up in the newspaper for what you do but the rewards of your hard work and dedication are priceless.

To the teachers who provide their own supplies when the budget is cut due to legislative red tape, we appreciate you. Some of you are more than teachers. Many of you are the saviors of lives. Thank you for nurturing the vision in the eyes of a child.

To the activists who work tirelessly addressing community issues, we appreciate you. Many don’t see the countless hours you’ve invested. While pretenders come and say they are for community line their pockets only to return home and invest in self, you the activist work for the betterment of humanity. The very people you save sometimes don’t realize that credit is due to you.

To the leaders who lead by example and not by greed, we appreciate you.

To the artists who work locally to inspire the community, we appreciate you.

To those law enforcers who truly protect and serve righteously, we appreciate you.

To the lawmakers who stand for what’s right and don’t participate in politricks, we appreciate you.

To the spiritual leaders who teach truth and don’t manipulate, we appreciate you.

There is a local, national and global movement for social justice. We appreciate those who help make goals attainable.

Thank you for caring about self, family and community.

We appreciate those who do the right thing when no one else is looking. We appreciate you…