The student said “I was running and I buss a skid out round the corner to get here in time.” Imagine that, “skid out” is still used along with many other terms many of us grew up with.

Walking through the corridors of various schools random children said “Good Morning.” There was a sense that our community has not been lost. Our culture, though it has been bruised, is still intact. What now? How do we continue to nurture the vision in the eyes of a child for a better tomorrow when so many threaten our very fabric of existence?

Community?! Can we stop talking about how to be and take action by just being there for each other? Each one teach one? Each one love one…

How can someone grow up in a neighborhood in the VI and not do what they can to alter the status quo? Their children attend public or private schools yet they don’t care about the state of affairs? How can someone sleep at night knowing they are taking away from the community? Talking heads making promises while the youth suffer. These individuals take the fruit of the tree but never add nutrients to the soil, water to the roots and sunlight for growth.

Our community has not sunk to the bottom of the ocean, but we need to work on our homes, our family, our environment, our Virgin Islands.

Today we all have something we can give. Our time, love and skill is very valuable. You can mentor a child now. Maybe reading at preschool, maybe sharing your gift at an elementary school, maybe helping a junior in high school make decisions about a promising future? What will we do?

Together we can create security for each other so we can continue enjoying our culture as we expand into the 21st century. We can’t continue taking from the tree of natural beauty and not expect to give back.

Storms will come but how prepared will we be. United we have strength divided the selfish and greedy will succeed. How do we see the future of our community? What will we do to ensure we get there?