Do you remember the story behind the “Good Samaritan?”

We are of different faiths or no faith but we are all still neighbors. We are all part of the global community, with strong loving families at the foundation.

The reality of this life is that we are all connected. Should we feel less empathy for others of different nationality, race or religion? The very idea of community is the act of coming together. Can we?

The story of the Samaritan helping the destitute individual after the priest and the Levite ignored his need shows us truth. Each one of us is our neighbors’ keeper. Can this be? What are you willing to do to understand others? Are you ready to wear the shoes of the less fortunate to become truly aware of their plight? Can you offer a helping hand to a stranger? Can you be like the Samaritan?

We are conditioned in our current society to think only about self. We see public servants mis-using power and trust in the name of greed. We see more division among leaders than unity. At this point we must remember the story of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and other similar lessons on how to truly love our neighbor. The Samaritan was of a different background from the stranger but his heart was in sync. He knew that we are human beings responsible for the protection of this small planet.

Though we might feel that we are protected in the safety of our home, community or socioeconomic status, the truth reveals that we are all affected by the sewer of corruption. We can’t ignore another community that is plagued with crime. At the root we have challenges pertaining to education, status clarification, the environment, politics, neighborhood safety and family. At the stem there is you. On the branches there are the solutions provided by many organizations and individuals.

Will we elect good Samaritans? Will we become concerned with all neighborhoods and not just our own? Will we begin building a future on solid rock or sand? Will we nurture relationships based on unconditional love or false ideals?

Today is the day we walk in light and make a personal choice to alter the state of affairs. All around us dreams are waiting to be planted in the hearts and minds of our future. Reach out and capture the possibility of creating an opportunity for someone. There is a child, a family and a school in need of a good Samaritan. Will that person be you?