Away from the trade, corruption, misinformation and division lies an undeniable truth. We are surrounded by natural beauty.

When we venture to those places in the Virgin Islands untouched by greed and the need to build a monstrosity for tourism we begin to feel what we’ve been blessed with.

The ocean crashes against the land creating a steady pulse of life. The music we hear is nature’s gift to us. How do we allow a child to see clearly the sea of opportunity? Can we see pass the haze of disparity to communicate the reality of the beauty before us?

Standing on a cliff near the end of the island the human spirit is humbled by the depth of consciousness that surrounds us. In that moment we see that we play a small part in the grand design of life. We begin to understand what we are protecting.

Life is a blessing. The ability to survive child birth and make it into this world is a miracle. How do we allow a child to lose their love and appreciation for life? Though we are surrounded by natural beauty some of us are blinded by our experience. How can we change the negative perception of life in a child’s eyes?

Let us begin with education. First the teacher must see clearly and make sure their vision is not clouded. Then when child meets teacher the vision of the possibility of the future is articulated in such a seductive way that the student cannot resist. The child begins to think for self. The student desires learning because the quest for understanding begins. The value for life is so great that the student can’t fathom using any weapons of destruction. Their curiosity has them preoccupied with learning, loving and living.

How many can appreciate the natural beauty of our islands? How many can appreciate the natural beauty of our people? How many can appreciate the natural beauty of our history?

Now is the time for us to rise together and begin the healing process. No ego necessary. All we need is a united movement towards positive change. A united movement towards mentoring (loving) a child, building community, teaching culture and embracing a 21st century that will foster social equality.

We have the tools. We have the inspiration. We need more action. Let us build together and watch the fruits of our labor feed the minds of our youth.