Over centuries our weakness has been our ability to mostly see how we are different. We argue over slight differences instead of coming together.

The people of this small planet possess more similarities than differences. Misguided leaders have used this knowledge to further divide us. We are divided by culture, language, religion, region, knowledge, social standing and economic freedom. We are all human beings. Why can’t we see that?

During many movements the power of human beings coming together for the greater good benefited humanity. Imagine if there were less dissension and more understanding during the Civil Rights Movement? Maybe we would be further along today as a global society?

Today we are given the opportunity to learn from our past and use our awareness to create real change. This is not the time to tear each other down. We must work together. Instead of criticizing we must utilize our strengths for the future of our home. Our community, our planet is too small for this irresponsible behavior. When there is a desire to say something negative, think about a way to bring people together and say something positive to unite our community. It will take all of us to shift the pendulum from corruption to productivity.

Healthy discussions on the issues are needed but we must close ranks now. We are all soldiers for change and we must take constructive action towards a better future for the youth. Greed and corruption are united. What about us? Are we united for social change? Are we united for a better future? Are we united for our youth?

There are many movements, initiatives, organizations working for the betterment of our islands. Let the infighting stop now and a collaborative effort from all people begin. We are the future of the Virgin Islands and our individual skills will be combined to develop a massive strike against the status quo. The goal – Peace, justice, love and light for our children and our community.