Nepotism runs deep in our beautiful Virgin Islands. When it is good, everyone benefits. But when it is not, well we see the results daily.

As one makes the transition from childhood to adulthood awareness takes place and sometimes shocks the system. A child might not understand why so many Virgin Islanders don’t return home. They might not understand that many can’t return. They might not understand that some in power hold grudges against those who speak truth.

These grudges held by grown adults abusing power only hurt the VI youth. Too many times people say, “well dats how we do tings down here.” That saying holds a certain charm when it pertains to caribbean life but not when individuals suffer.

There are many people who love the Virgin Islands and have tried repeatedly to set up businesses to benefit the community. Do you know there were people who made the process extremely difficult? Some folks became drunk with power after achieving a certain amount of respect because of their pedigree.

Can we let the best person do the job? Are we not supposed to go away, learn and return to share with the community? Isn’t each generation better than the last? Maybe we are supposed to continue doing what does not work?

We all should be thankful for the many families who left a legacy in our pristine Virgin Islands but some abuse their privilege instead of using it to benefit the whole community. We must work towards creating a balanced society that sets aside petty differences for the benefit of the future.

We have many positive initiatives on the shores of our islands. For those seeking positive change, with a little research you can find an organization who fits your skill set.

There will be those who welcome change and others who refuse to give up their unbalanced power. Let us pray we can diminish our egos and really focus on the future of our youth.