How can you be an activist? Well, take constructive action to change issues in our community. We need more people working for positive social, political, economic and environmental change.

In a time of unrest, we must unite under one cause – a brighter future for our Virgin Islands. We must have faith that we will achieve our goals. We must go through a transformation and develop into pure community love. If we can love our neighbors like family, we can create real positive change.

Activism is greatly needed. This is a call to action for every VI resident. Get in where you fit in. We need grant writers for after school programs for the youth. We need people to clean up beaches and parks. We need more positive individuals to motivate our youth. We need more behavioral specialists in our schools. We need all VI people to use their skills to foster love, respect and worth in our youth.

This is the day of the activists. The fourth grader reading to the kindergartener. The eighth grader writing letters about deficiencies in the school/community. The high school junior volunteering to join other positive VI youth speaking in schools and questioning officials on real problems. The senior in high school, not blinded by political lies, voting consciously for upcoming elections. The musician composing music that speaks about social change. The painter creating an image depicting a conscious united Virgin Islands. We are all needed.

We need more men to mentor at various afterschool and summer programs. We need everyone. Change begins with you. We might need to boycott. We might need to protest. We definitely need to mentor. We cannot afford to do nothing. No matter the size of your contribution every action is needed on the road to recovery from years of corrosion of our way of life. Act now!

We are our neighbors’ keeper. Let us uplift each other daily. Let us use words that inspire each of us to do our part to make our community rise. Words are powerful. Activism is powerful. You are powerful. Let today mark the beginning of a better life for all Virgin Islanders.