The day for true unity has arrived. We can no longer let misunderstandings divide and weaken our youth. The vibration on St.Croix, St. John and St. Thomas is inspiring. The students are aware of the atrocities (gangs, rapes, poor funding, violence) but still rise above the haze of corruption. Some schools are newly built while others display ancient facilities. Regardless of the conditions teachers and students do their best to create a conducive environment for learning.
From a second grade class learning about VI history and music to high school students discussing music, life and activism, the VI youth demonstrate a strong desire for excellence and positive change. They want a promising future. They need our assistance. They want us to listen to what they have to say.

We have the future of our beautiful islands in our hands. Now is the time for us to set our differences aside and become a true ‘United’ Virgin Islands. There are more similarities amongst the youth on all three islands than differences.

Some of the youth don’t realize how many organizations/individuals are working tirelessly for their future. We need to make them aware. The various organizations need to work together to develop a deeper understanding of the VI youth.

Let us promote prevention by visiting our schools frequently. Many people are already conducting workshops on various topics. We need more. We must (or should) work together to build strong collaboration between organizations, mentors, activists, grant writers, artists, leaders. Let us love the VI youth one child at a time.

When the new school year begins, we need to follow up collectively. Youth activists, mentors and healers should visit the schools to jump start the minds of our future. We all can create awareness (self, health and political). We can instill VI pride and Caribbean pride. We can motivate the youth to strive for excellence. Using our skills we can develop creative dialogue planting seeds that will blossom into future leaders. A piece of paper can be torn easily by itself but when you bind many papers together the task becomes difficult. Together we will succeed. Let us plan a systematic approach to ensure each child reaches their full potential. Love WILL find a way.