You served your time in the military. Many of you made it home safely. Now you are in another war zone. Kids are taking the lives of other kids. The general public (civilians) is experiencing mental trauma without psychological support.

I lost friends in Iraq. I have friends who are suffering from the loss of friends and family. We all know the horror stories of a poorly managed unjust war. Now as veterans we are experiencing another unjust war due to drugs, money and corruption. What can we do?

Commissioned officers and Non-commissioned officers of the armed forces of the United States do you remember selfless service? Do you remember loyalty? Do you remember respect? We learn all these values from our family and they were reiterated when we joined the military.

The Virgin Islands youth need your help. Yes I’m aware of the VA issues in the Virgin Islands but we have to go above and beyond to save our youth. We have to mentor them. Tell them of a better way. Show them a path that will ensure a productive life.

As veterans, we have the skills to join neighborhood watch groups or start our own. Imagine a group called ‘Veterans Neighborhood Force.’ We can’t afford to lose another life due to lack of resources.

Veterans have, can and will create positive change in our Virgin Islands community. Its time to close ranks and march towards the future with the Virgin Islands youth in hand.