There is a misconception that ordinary people don’t have any power. Since the beginning of time, when the masses rise, everyone pays attention. The distraction of modern technology has kept this powerful group passive for some time. No more!

Many of you commute to work daily not oblivious to the beauty that surrounds you but too busy to enjoy it. You work hard daily only to feel helpless. Your pristine Virgin Islands are under attack but you’ve been made prisoners of your home. Many wonder what will be done and who will do it.

The gift of life was given to you so you can live, not dodge stray bullets. Today is the day when you say enough is enough. Today is the day you join forces with like minds to take your community back. Today is the day you organize for real change.

Every elected official studies the mass population. Every business benefits from the mass population. Now it is time you demand their response by taking action. How? Organizing! When? Now! Who? You are the change you seek!

We the people hold the power to change the current climate of our Virgin Islands. We must rally around the same cause – Stop the Bloodshed in the Virgin Islands.

How? There are many ways. We have to mentor a child today and save a life tomorrow. We have to become more involved in the education system. Whatever the government is lacking we must make up in fund-raising and letter writing.

In the spirit of the “fiyah bun”, we must come together. We must form various citizen neighborhood watch groups. We must support all organizations working towards positive change and ask how can we best assist. We must rise now, act now, make our voices heard now. We can no longer afford to be passive in our approach to the issues.

The Virgin Islands’ people are the most powerful force against our problems. We are all affected by the growing problems. None of us are immune. All organizations (religious, civic, social) must join forces and become activists for change. Set your differences aside today.

Demand that your organization speak to the next and organize joint meetings where concrete plans are made to alter the status quo. What is our motivation? The safety of our kids, friends and family.

All aspects of the government should be supportive of the initiative for positive constructive change because the economy is too fragile for negative press, i.e. Tourism!

Virgin Islands people, now is the time to actively work to create a better future. Don’t just complain, do something today.

Rise for positive change. Rise for your child’s future. Rise for the safety of your life NOW!