Do you remember a time when you were shocked by the fact that someone got shot? Not anymore?

Do you remember there being a time when your home being robbed was unheard of? Not anymore?

Not anymore. Things have changed. We are losing our community and our composure. We want to do something about it but we don’t know who to trust. Our fellow citizens are ready to cause us pain for minute gain.

Friends we can’t allow this to happen any more! Our islands are small and if we don’t do the right things to turn the situation around we will lose our home to the forgotten ones. Remember that suffering child we did not help? They are now in the company of people providing false love for short term gain.

We are aware. The stories and autobiographies of the lost leaders circulate the streets. Their violent and criminal actions are really them crying out saying “We need guidance. We need love. We need humility. We need the wisdom of God.”

But, how can we expect different results from the same actions? I ask you, please don’t wait until it happens to you to take an active role in solving community problems. I ask you, please don’t be blinded by the misinformation and not stand on solid informed ground.

We need each other. We MUST be our neighbors’ keeper. Neighborhood love! We have to work harder together. Being divided and not communicating with each other will no longer work. Please, I beg you to rise for our youth. I plead with you to see that what we are currently doing is not working.

Let us organize now! Not just Marches, not just mentoring, not just healing, not just loving, not just spiritual, but all of it.

Though we might seem different, our struggle is the same. We MUST become a community again.