Sometimes in history the pomp and circumstance that go along with movements bury the reality of what is going on behind the scenes. These organizers (doers) receive little credit for their contributions. In my humble efforts on behalf of the VI, the research I’ve done has left me amazed at the life behind many movements. Historically, when the youth get involved, movements take on new life. But, who are the unsung organizers and detailed planners? Women!

Women, in all aspects of society, are the foundation of everything. This is true in many movements. They tirelessly plan, sometimes for years before the public witnesses the fruits of their efforts. We recently lost the incomparable Dr. Dorothy Height. Few people know that she was responsible for Rev., Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. having unlimited time to deliver his most famous speech in full.  She and her legacy remind us of how important women are to many movements.

This is also true for the Virgin Islands Movement for Change. How? Well long before there was a title for the movement, there were women working on various projects to create positive change. Women are the ultimate freedom fighters. Their very nature nurtures life in the womb of society.

In many stories about historical movements we are often fascinated by the popular mouthpiece or idealized male figure, but we hardly ever go deeper. Now it is time for another movement. Another moment in time when the foundation of our Virgin Islands will call on the brilliant females to inspire a community for change. This time, not merely relegated to the background, but up front where you belong.

Many of you are leaders of organizations, mothers, aunts, friends, healers and activists who have been working tirelessly for positive change. Call on your sisters. You are powerful. You have designed the framework of many movements and you are needed once again to save our future.

This is not to take away from the accomplishments of men which are documented in numerous texts. Brothers you are needed as well. We will work together. United we will create a swell of pride, determination and love for constructive change in our community. We need women on the frontlines. Make your voices heard.

This is the 21st century. We need women in the foreground, as well as the middle ground and background.

VI Stand Up! Women Stand Up! Men Stand Up! VI Youth Rise! We are the Virgin Islands Movement for Change.