Young sister and brother, do you realize how much power you have? Marketing companies tailor their advertisements for you, record companies count on you to line the pockets of pop stars, and clothing lines look to you for their fashion ideas. What would they do if you organized and refused to stand for the brain washing? They would give you the quality you deserve.

Self-love and self-respect are your greatest assets toward achieving your goals. You have to believe that you are capable of anything you put your mind to. You are gifted. You are unique.  Can you accept that you don’t know everything and that life is about learning? You will need humility to receive the gifts your mentor has in store for you. We will help you but we need you to be open to knowledge. And at times, you will be our teachers.

What about your peers who are struggling? You have to be a support system for your friends and steer them toward individuals/organizations that can help them succeed. The Virgin Islands’ future depends on you.

Your history is rich with stories that explain why things are the way they are and how you can make them better. Can you see that you are the light of the community?

Human beings are territorial. There are disagreements because of who is from what neighborhood, who is from which island (VI), who was born in the Virgin Islands, and who is from down island. But when you travel the world it doesn’t matter. You and your peers are all needed to create change. The truth is many folks in the Caribbean arrived there either as tourists or by force. Whatever our paths, we are now part of a melting pot that wants a safe and prosperous Virgin Islands.

You are the Virgin Islands’ economy, future, hope and fruits. Your roots run deep throughout the Caribbean and the world. Let’s work together so you can reach your full potential.

Spread the word to your peers that you want positive, constructive change. You deserve better facilities. You deserve a supportive community. You deserve 21st century programs. You deserve mentorship. You deserve full access to the VI diaspora. You deserve to know the truth. You deserve social and political awareness. You deserve to know about heroes, sheroes, activists locally and abroad.

Young leaders we need you to be soldiers for change. Write letters, organize, research, seek guidance and get involved. Don’t just complain about the problems! Join forces and find solutions together. Many movements in history were successful because of the youth. If you want change, demand it.

So many people profit off of you. The least they should do is ensure your safety and education. Become ambassadors for change. You are the movement. Why? Because VI Massive Mehson!