Let’s Mentor a Child in May! Why? Imagine if every positive individual said enough is enough and took to the streets and found a constructive way to alter the status quo. Well that moment is now. We can all mentor a child and let the power of love save our home.

Love is the most powerful force on earth. With love, we can nurture the vision in the eyes of a child. The Virgin Islands youth need us. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are called upon to do something great. That moment is now for all in the Virgin Islands community.

Each one of us must take the initiative for ourselves to do our part. We all have an individual responsibility to nurture the youth of our beloved home.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, start mentoring today!  Individuals working collectively can move mountains.

So, let us join forces and visit area schools as a community. You can assist by donating your time to share your expertise with a class and/or volunteering at an after school program. Whether you speak to an entire class or a single child, let’s focus on mentoring.

A dream can guide a child through life. We have to show each child how to nurture their dream by giving them the tools to create reality.

The first step is to pick your school/schools to provide a lecture/workshop/mentorship in your field. I’m sure the department at your local school would love to have you.

The second step is to contact the appropriate people to set up the date(s).

The third step is to instill a dream in a child.

The fourth step is to urge other professionals to do the same.

Mentoring reinforces what children learn from parents and teachers. Mentoring can also fill in the blanks. If we can get people on all the Virgin Islands to inspire the youth in May, maybe the students will be inspired to join a summer program. Maybe we can excite them to learn all summer. Maybe we can save a life.

As we mentor, let us:

1) Provide activities that will encourage the VI youth to be self-sufficient.

2) Discuss educational information about VI history and relate it to our field.

3) Encourage the youth to explore historical sites and learn cultural arts, music, literature, etc.

4) Tell children it is ok to seek help when experiencing difficulty. Mental health is important.

Together we can inspire a child to practice self-love, self-respect and self-worth. The future of our Virgin Islands is in our hands. You are the movement for positive change. Its a new day, new attitude and new horizon in the Virgin Islands.