Originally posted on April 20, 2010:

What is the agenda of the Virgin Islands Movement for Change?

The agenda of the movement is to give each child in the Virgin Islands a dream to achieve their own personal greatness. We were all created to fulfill a life purpose. It is said that in the beginning God (the creator) created. If a child has purpose they will grow. I am confident that we can inspire the VI youth.

The movement is about instilling fire in each individual so they can collectively move for change. Watching the fire spread to each person developing into a quiet revolution that drives everyone towards active solutions for our Virgin Islands. Imagine a group of children feeling pride in personal accomplishment.

The movement is about creating awareness in all residents of the Virgin Islands that will hold politicians accountable. The Government was elected to serve the people. The attitude of the subordinates reflects the leadership. If we can encourgage our leaders to care, maybe curtailing corruption will be an added bonus. Police officers are one of the most important agents in a democracy. If officials are competent, can we inspire them to do their jobs? Of course.

We all live in the same community. We can’t hide behind private schools and gated communities on a small island. We the people of the Virgin Islands desire security. We desire clean and safe neighborhoods. We desire stability. We desire complete education for our children that will ensure their future in society as successful citizens.

The agenda of the movement is equal treatment of all residents of the Virgin Islands. We are advocating for adequate facilities for individuals with mental health problems. We are pressing for more mentoring of our young so they can be a torch in the society and excite their peers to join in on upward mobility.

The movement is a mentality. Pride, love, hope and determination by all to work together for constructive change. Spread the word.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb