Originally posted on April 4, 2010:

Here are seven points of “The Virgin Islands Movement for Change.” A call to action…

1. We will facilitate communication between various groups using the VI Diaspora database. Utilizing strengths for the greater good.

2. We will motivate the young with an outward expression (music, arts, writing, sports, martial arts, community service, etc.). These programs already exist in some capacity. We will encourage, improve, promote and develop more 21st century programs.

3. We will feed the minds of those who need nourishment. Team up with existing outreach programs and instill the social justice concept. Starting small and building. Restlessness and discontent spark the need for change. The time has passed for sedentary agitation.

4. Movement is mentorship. We will have more positive individuals doing school tours, rallys. We will help save our youth today from being lost and can bring back those on the brink of being lost. We want to provide kids with options so their futures are filled with promise, hope and love.

5. We will build on the VI Massive concept adding VI Revolution, VI Movement to the repertoire. We will tell kids about heroes, sheroes, activists locally and abroad. We will get young leaders to be soldiers for positive fundamental change, altering the collective consciousness so people are empowered. We need citizens and police to work together for safer streets.

6. We will call on “Artists” to call people to action. Popular local groups as well as other nationally/internationally known VI artists (writers, dancers, musicians, rappers, painters, photographers).

7. Awareness for the masses…We will discuss news and issues, culture and politics, develop a social network, allow for business exchange and educate the masses regarding health, business, so that people can take action and provide solutions. We will re-engage people in the political process.

You are the movement…