Originally posted on March 31, 2010:

What are the goals of “The Virgin Islands Movement for Change?”

I think, for many, it would be to return the state of affairs in the Virgin Islands to family and community. Like I stated before in my earlier piece, we will bring various organizations together to create change utilizing strengths. Finding a way to get people to set aside differences for the greater good. In the US military, there is a sense of disdain between branches. For example, the Marines don’t like the Army, but when it comes to carrying out a mission, they work together to accomplish the goal. This is the purpose of the movement. The troops are ready. There are many people of various expertise who are ready and waiting.

I am fascinated by the arts during times of change. Do you remember the music during the civil rights movement? What would the music be like during the Virgin Islands Movement for Change? What will the poets say? What will the authors write? Hmmm, various artists creating pieces that will inspire the masses to act.

Students? I would love to see how the students react to the energy of the movement. Maybe young freedom fighters will hold rallys at school. Friends who dropped out are still encouraged to grow and learn by their peers. Everyone will look out for each other making sure they all succeed. Teachers inspired to teach more than is written in the books. Taking students on interactive tours of the island learning the history of the Caribbean, Africa and the World. Students beaming with light that illuminates the darkest of places. Can you see what can be?

The members of the movement will create checks and balances to ensure the movement is not corrupted with power seekers. With love at the forefront, I think the movement will manifest positive change. The movement will start with small projects then build as our network grows. What network? Well, there is a large group of VI people abroad as well as many at home seeking change. We are determined to mobilize. Find out what people are doing and how they can assist. Maybe, elect an official who will be for the people by the people. I was told a long time ago that you go along, get along then you make change. Its time for change! Like the Daily News, we will keep the people informed. Our government, our community needs accountability. We can’t afford to sit on ideas when the community needs us to act now.

Is the movement about hate? No! It is about love. The movement is about outreach. The movement is about reaching inside and finding the strength to create the future you desire for your family.

Personally, I don’t have any goals to hold office. I just want our Virgin Islands home refurbished on the inside and out. I want our Virgin Islands to be emeralds of the sea. Lost souls tainted our shores with shades of red washed away by tears of desperation only to return. Let us join forces and make our goals for change a reality.

The Virgin Islands Movement for Change…