Originally posted on April 10, 2010:

The day has come for every citizen to take personal responsibility for the Virgin Islands we love. We must restore balance, harmony and peace.

The Virgin Islands community prepared many of its sons and daughters for a future when I was growing up. It wasn’t the Government who provided me with mentorship, resources or employment. Musicians, activists, painters, intellectuals all guided me on a path towards my future. Along with my parents, the village of loving elders raised me.

Its time for a new attitude. Despite the obvious problems, we must pull together. There are great minds living in the Virgin Islands and others all over the world. The VI Diaspora is filled with untapped resources. We need a change in attitude that inspires the youngest and oldest to stand up and be responsible for each other. A change in attitude that fosters communities to be accountable for their neighbors. A change in attitude that brings us together under a common goal.

I remember when my neighbor would give my parents the 411 when they came home from work. Neighborhood watch? Yes! Community love. We were not perfect kids growing up but the community kept us in check. We need to work together and develop a powerful movement that will force constructive, positive change.

I have faith we will find a way to occupy idle hands. We will nurture minds. We will love unconditionally because of the VI Massive mentality. There are many people and organizations who are educating, inspiring and uplifting young minds. They are collaborating but we need more. We need you.

Let’s take pride in our home, community and emeralds in the sea. Let’s make our Virgin Islands a peaceful, safe paradise like it once was.

Do you want to know how? Read “Seven Points of The Virgin Islands Movement for Change.” We are the movement!