Violence again? No surprise? I refuse to accept this as the new norm. Paradise is what we call our home. But how can we continue this way? This is not sustainable. Just pray? No. Take action today!

How many people fly to the Virgin Islands for Carnival? As you think of those numbers, ask yourself how many of those who travel for Carnival actually take part in mentoring programs? How many people in the VI community actually take part in realistic solutions?

Complaining is easy. We can blame the government. We can blame the economy. We can cast blame but that does not provide solutions.

We should implement many prevention programs. Security cameras? Yes. Afterschool programs? Yes. Community building programs? Yes.

With collective courage, we can turn the status quo around. With collective courage, we can rebuild our community.

Let us invest in our youth. Money is nice but time is much more valuable. Mentor a child today and save a life tomorrow.


As we move forward in our fight for social justice, let us not forget our most powerful tool, UNITY! Many are feeling the pain of the injustices experienced because of the greed and corruption in our Virgin Islands. If we stand together, we can accomplish our end goal.

Many initiatives are being created for a brighter future but we must communicate. The establishment is in place with a set of habits eroding our shores, land and culture. We the people can change this.

Who do we want in office? Who do we want out? What do we want to change about the status quo? How will we educate the masses? What is OUR message? How do we want to educate our youth?

We are the ones suffering. We are the ones that will ultimately lose the battle for our home if we don’t come together.

They are counting on us to be divided. To further divide us, we have the very corrupt willing to throw money at our ‘cause’ to distract us from the fight ahead.

Unity will ensure we can tell who our friends are from those who are willing to derail the momentum so many have fought hard to build.

Are we willing to take our cause all the way to the Supreme Court? A successful case can set a precedent to stop the injustices. As US citizens it is our right to seek all forms of justice!

Let us look at other movements to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their collective efforts. Why? If we combine all the planning, protests, marches and social media pages by different groups, we clearly see a rise of a USVI Movement.

Our combined success will be based on our effectiveness to unite for the common goal of positive change.

This year we must come together. We have been divided over the years and that has allowed others to exploit us. Let us embrace those who are for positive constructive change in the USVI and not be distracted by minor differences. We have no time for pettiness due to the large amount of work needed to rebuild our home.

We know the problems. What will it take to get the people of the VI to take action?

They don’t fear us. They say we are full of talk. Is that true? The violence was not enough. The misuse of money was not enough. The mis-education of our youth was not enough. These jokers represent us now. They got the majority vote. They impressed us with slippery tongues and greasy fish fries. Many of us refused to take part in the political process and now suffer the consequences. What will it take?

The social media sites are burning with commentary but will that turn into action? They have destroyed the lives of many who have fought in the past. Now many more will suffer. Is 2012 the year for revolution?

Will those away fly home to stand with family and friends at ground zero? Many come home for carnival. Will people make the state of the VI a priority? Is this important enough? Are government officials the only ones using the USVI for personal pleasure at a time when she needs healing?

Will church folks and street folks stand together? What would Jesus do? What would Muhammad do? What would Buddha do? What would Queen Mary, Queen Coziah and Queen Breffu do? What would our ancestors do?

So many groups of people on these small islands bickering at each other instead of standing together. We have a common enemy. The problem is we allowed the fish fry elections to take place. We voted these people in. Is it time for a recall? Yes! Will we do it?

Will we shut down the store fronts with illegal activity going out the back? Crooks in the government and crooks in the streets. Will we finally protect our port from the massive amount of drugs passing through? It is all related. Too many people have lost their lives as a result of us not being a community. Imagine, we have some officials that run their office like a street corner…

What will it take? Are the senators/governor willing to give up their salaries to save the USVI economy? No! Where are the tax refunds for the USVI people?

WAPA will continue until we make them take us seriously.

What does ‘VI to de bone’ mean to you? Are you ready to stand for your home?
Exploitation of the Virgin Islands continues as she suffers screaming for our help. When will we wake up and stand for her safety?

What will it take?

How can those who grew up in the Virgin Islands take actions to destroy it?

How can those who grew up in the Virgin Islands play political games to “blacklist” people that are fighting for the betterment of the Virgin Islands people?

How can those who grew up in the Virgin Islands make choices that will negatively affect the VI community for years to come?

Will the people of the Virgin Islands stop this misuse of power with their right to vote?

Will the staff of these crooked politicians speak out against their blatant disrespect for the VI community?

Will the activists of different organizations join forces for a better tomorrow?

Can the VI people rise up against the cycle of despair?

Can the sacrifices made by our ancestors inspire us to take action?

Can we put our selfish goals aside and think of what is best for our grandchildren?

There are many questions and the solutions lie within each one of us. If we don’t act, our home will be eroded beyond recognition. It will take the entire VI community far and near to change the status quo.

So many people are part of the problem. We need you to be an architect of a future that brings hope, light and love back to the shores of the USVI.

Since the beginning of time, music has motivated us to take action. The first breath, a musical phenomenon, led the body to rise. Before we could talk, we expressed ourselves with music. The music allowed villages to communicate with the sounds of the drums. Music is life.

As time modulated, people taken from their homeland created music that relieved pain. This music, embedded with code, led them to freedom. Music is revolution.

Songs laced with weapons of mass education inspired people all over the world. These songs synchronized people in cadence for the truth to be received in melody, harmony and infectious rhythms. No great revolution existed without music. Music is community.

Conscious artists putting humanity before the insanity of a capitalistic society called people to their feet with messages of social justice, love and accountability. Music is love.

Today, many take for granted the power of music. You have “artists” releasing poison from their lips with melodies only meant for self indulging prophecies. The ancestors provide us with the tools we need to stand up and create positive change. The path laced with melodies inspiring the masses to be their best self.
Stand for community, life, love, revolution and the betterment of humanity. Why? Music is you…

Friends, it seems like many people are on the fence. Some say wait until the next election. Some say things will work themselves out. Some don’t have anything to say.

Across the globe as people take action, not everyone is taking part in each rebellion. Not everyone is willing or able to fight for social justice. Some folks are burnt out from previous battles. They are passing the torch to you. Will you take hold of the legacy of our ancestors and uphold what they stood for? Throughout time, it only took 15% of the population to create positive change. Each time the rest of the population benefited from the few who chose to stand up. In our Virgin Islands, we need at least 200 people divided up on all three islands. Will you be one of them? If you are unsure, it is time to get off the fence.

Why should you take an active role in a better future? We the people don’t realize that there are unseen hands manipulating our conditions in the Virgin Islands. Haven’t you asked yourself who is influencing the policy making of (some) our legislators?

Our Virgin Islands have been taken away from the people. Do you agree? What happened to affordable housing? What about affordable food? What about affordable utilities? Should the local population suffer while the wealthy prosper?

Are we sheep? Why does it feel like we are being taken advantage of by wolves? Some are in sheep’s clothing smiling in our faces while simultaneously taking bites out of us daily. Can we sustain this unbalanced division of power? When will we say enough is enough?

The day is upon us to foster a future that will benefit our children’s children. With love, determination and consistency we will achieve our goals.

It is time! It is time for all organizations who are working diligently for a better Virgin Islands to rise together. It is time for the people of the Virgin Islands to rise because they are tired of being taken advantage of. It is time…

Are you ready to take action? If so, stand up and fight back. Exercise your right!

What would Queen Mary or Bodhoe do if they were alive today? How would Cyril E. King advise us to move forward?

For too long the power system has counted on us not to act…Now is the time to take a stand.

During Hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn, the VI community came together. We have another disaster on our hands. The local economy.

Jobs are a problem in the VI. 8% cut? Why are jobs an issue with so much money passing through these small islands? If we occupy VI as a community we can demand job creation programs and transparency.

There are organizations with huge funding sources but salaries of government employees are being diminished to balance the budget. If we occupy the VI we can demand investment into local people and local business. Too much money is being spent on outside promotion which doesn’t really assist the jobless or the many at risk of losing their jobs.

Unemployment is a major concern in the VI. Many college graduates do not have job options after graduation and leave the Virgin Islands seeking opportunities on the mainland (US).

VI residents are suffering while a few are flourishing. Some leaders are selling off the islands piece by piece taking contributions under the table from contributors who could care less about you.

Violence has been on the rise. The powers that be refuse to truly invest in the youth. I guess they want more people to vote for the best fish fry. If we occupy the VI we can demand more programs that will ensure the VI youth have a future.

The VI environment is in danger. Polluted ground and surface water is a result of poor eco-management. This act affects the shorelines and beauty of the islands. If laws are not enforced, the crystal clear blue waters in the Virgin Islands will become a thing of the past. If the USVI loses its natural beauty due to pollution, the local economy will ultimately suffer. If the Virgin Islands continue on their current path, the islands will not be able to sustain its growing population. If we occupy the VI we can bring awareness to the current state of our home. We can demand leaders enforce laws that protect our pristine shores.

The time is right for us to act. Think of the people who boycotted a bus service that later became the Civil Rights Movement. Movements start small and swell. We can force the powers that be to respect the local dollar. Elected officials are representatives of the people. They work for us. Let us demand that they do their job.

Moving forward it will take all of us coming together. Every person, initiative and organization seeking real change must work together to ensure a better future.

More jobs for VI residents. Better education for our youth. A safe community for you and me. Real people live in the Virgin Islands. It is not a paradise for rich people. The local dollar is powerful. Rise for a better tomorrow.

Let us occupy the VI streets, buildings, docks and any where in the VI that injustice of the people festers. Not just for a day but for as long as it takes. We have the stamina, the determination and the love we need to succeed.

What if the message lived on in the people?

Throughout time there has been a rise and fall in the consciousness of the people. The powerful stories of our past should never become unfamiliar. There are lessons to be learned and mistakes that should not be repeated. Unfortunately there are perpetrators who continue to find ways to destroy community in the name of profit.

Will we stand aside and allow these false leaders to deplete our will to believe? Sometimes our profits are taken from us and the fight is forgotten. How can we keep our movement alive? How can we keep moving forward toward a better tomorrow?

Tell the story of our ancestors. Tell the story to our children and have them pass it on to their children. We can’t wait until a martyr is created in our community then rise up only for a brief moment before we return to our regular routine. The freedom song is in each of us. None of us wants to be physical or mental slaves chained to false ideals.

Too many people have died for the benefit of the masses. Over & over again these martyrs lose their lives for the same cause, social justice. Lest we forget…

Today we see many rising for justice but there are still more who question the fight. What would you do if you knew your future or your child’s was in great danger? Would you fight for your rights or be docile?

The tides are changing and ripples of frustration are growing into waves. Cells of people all over the world are crying, screaming, yelling for their rights. Will you? The message will survive if clusters of people maintain multiple networks of freedom fighters preaching the message of one love. Social justice for all!

Peace and love, the great human desire, will expire without justice. We need more people willing to stand up and be heard. We need more people to uphold the benefits from our ancestors.

Our ancestors fought for us to be freedom’s children yet many of us take it for granted. Let us build on their legacy. Let us realize the dream they had for humanity. Let us embark on the journey that will ensure commUNITY!

As I grow, I enjoy learning more. The story of our existence fascinates me. What will be next?

I’m a dreamer. I hope for the moment when we realize deep in our heart that race is a social construct and begin loving each other as neighbors on this small planet. Some have given up on the human existence awaiting a place that is perfection. Though I understand that concept which kept slaves complacent, I propose a different idea. Why not take care of our home until we transition?

I’m a dreamer. I hope for the moment when greed is cured as an infectious disease plaguing our planet consuming the souls of so many good people, leaving others in the dirt to stifle in despair. We are conditioned to think that we should look down on the less fortunate until we find ourselves in that same position. Our egos preventing us from seeing the reflection of another being within. Rich nations exploiting poor nations just as rich people make money off the majority of poor. Maybe the day will come when the wealth is more balanced among the people of Mother Earth.

I’m a dreamer. I hope for the day when people will deem it important to raise their offspring. The very survival of our kind depends on procreation but many are profiting, exploiting, disrespecting and abusing the very process that brought us here. Let us not remove the magic from the journey to life.

Why do we think the way we do? Why do we love the way we do? Why do we act the way we do? Some part of who we are comes from genetics and other parts are socialized into believing what is right and wrong. Are our social systems flawed? Will we admit our flaws?

I’m a dreamer. We all play a role in the future of our planet. There are pollutants in our water, our air, our food and our minds. Convenience is killing us but yet we still take the steps collectively to carry out the task of polluting. We are killing each other physically, socially and mentally. I hope that more begin to speak our peace.

I’m a dreamer. I hope for an education system that teaches people how to think. Instead of students striving for high grades from information soon forgotten, they learn and understand the topic at hand. If the majority are educated with life arts and book smarts they will have representatives that actually do their job. A representative democracy won’t be a joke based on money.

I’m a dreamer. I believe in the power of the masses. Great movements creating change. We can change all industry if we start with the belief that we can.

Open your heart, your mind and your entire existence to the possiblity of a future built on commUNITY…

What is the VI Movement for Change? It is a philosophy based in self love and self respect inspiring the youth and young at heart to shine.

In our community there are many people fighting diligently for “generation now” but there are still not enough. The concept of the movement is to inspire more people to get involved.

How can you be an activist for the Virgin Islands? Well, take constructive action to change issues in our community. We need more people working for positive social, political, economic and environmental change.

The online site is a place where folks can post news, messages, video and pictures uplifting our community. There are too many people speaking negatively about our youth. Human beings need positive encouragement.

How can you be a part of the movement? If you believe in positive change then you are already a part of the initiative. More specifically, we need more mentors. We need more people planting seeds of love in the minds and hearts of our youth. We need these people to be consistent. Mentor a child today and save a life tomorrow.

There are flyers for the movement. You can pass them out to the youth. You can be ready to march. You can write letters when we have a letter writing campaign. You can sign petitions. Add to the list of what you can do, you can…, you can…, you can…, and (you can share with us when you have done something that made a difference in the life of a child or a group of children. The more people see it being done, the more they will be able to see how easy it is to do it.) Real examples/Good News… Breeds good news and more real examples.

We need more people sharing good news and positive efforts. Many people still think it’s not being done. We have to make positive change irresistible.

All we want is for people to invest in our community. Money? Not necessarily but more importantly, time!

If an individual realizes their true potential the opportunities are limitless.

We also want to draw a closer connection between those on the ground in the VI and the huge VI diaspora that exists all over the world. There are people waiting and willing to help an eager mind in a variety of professions. ‘Each one, reach one and teach one’ concept.